Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boston’s Original Name? - “Living Waters”!

Boston’s Original Name? - “Living Waters”!
William Blackstone, founder of 'Shawmut' or Boston
[  for “Love’s in a Name”]
My wife and I got “The Complete Guide to Boston’s Freedom Trail” out of the library in anticipation of one of our planned family summer outings.  I dropped my wife off at the Dollar Tree store for some ‘good stuff cheap’.  While waiting in the car, listening to Living Waters on the CD, I started reading the pamphlet, when what to my wondering eyes did appear but the following passage about the Boston Common:
“This was once the pasture of Boston’s first white settler, William Blackstone…When [his first] settlement…failed, Blackstone moved north to what the Indians called Shawmut, or ‘living waters’.”
Soon after the Puritans arrived and renamed the place “Boston” after a town in England from which many of them had come (St. Botolph’s town).
WELL!  Guess where our band Living Waters started and flourished? in the Boston area, of course.  Who knew Brad Delp & Tom Scholtz weren’t the only band to name their band after “The Hub of the Universe”?!
What’s in a name, you ask?  In the history of faith, names have always been important.  They often say a lot about who you are and what your mission is.  This coincidence makes the name of our band roll more easily off my tongue now.  As our song “Love’s in a Name” says, “…it’s flowing so easily”, just like “Dirty Water” & “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway!