Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thank You Letter for the Retreat and Concert!

Norm Houde sent us a wonderful letter yesterday.  Here is that letter with some pictures!

Norm Houde this weekend                 Sky high view from Sky-hy Retreat Center!

My Dearly Beloved Brothers and Sisters, REJOICE.

Our Lord, Jesus, has truly blessed us. 
In some kind of special way we were united and reunited
In His glorious heart we are refreshed.  It truly was a reunion of hearts.
The graces will continue to flow as we pray for each other
and continue in His will. 

Thank you for your ministry to us, the efforts you undertook, to be here,
the gift of yourselves....Most of all thank you for the splendor of your glorious presence,

The body of Christ that you presented, your family, lives and relationships
Is a greater witness than the music itself.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed the
Music and dance.

My only regret was that I wasn’t able to spend more time with each of you.
Each of you is precious.  I’m also glad that you spent time with each other.
Your faces, Sunday morning at breakfast, were radiant with love.
And your children reflect your greatness.

Thank you for being Living Waters.
Yours in Christ our Lord
by the working of the Holy Spirit,

Our kids played a major role, singing dancing, playing, witnessing, directing, helping.  Pictures show Chuck MCing, the Parable of the Talents skit, the young girls doing the Peter the Rock dance, the awesome Mike McBride on keys and the kids witnessing to their faith.