Tuesday, June 16, 2015

“Living Waters” on…“Living Witnesses”!

 “Living Waters” on…“Living Witnesses”!

Living Waters on Living Witnesses - link


9/4/15 As of now, Living Witnesses has moved to "Breadbox Media"!

Living Waters on Living Witnesses - Podcast

Mary Graham has been a friend of Living Waters in the past; she had played some of our music in the original incarnation of “Adoration Radio”.  She has since pioneered a new show on Real Live Radio, entitled, “Living Witnesses”. (It is a broadcast, but, also, podcast; you can go anytime & click on the link & listen to an episode at any time.) The focus of the show is to allow Catholics to recount faith stories & blessings in an easy, conversational way. (I had the privilege of using this service when I followed their “33 Days to Morning Glory” Consecration series.)

Well! Mary contacted me and asked me to be on the show, to share some of the faith stories which I had shared on our band blog. She called me on a Monday morning and we did the recording over the phone. I talked about my conversion experience as a teen, a couple of miracle stories, and how I got the song “Make Me Free”. I then told how I met Julia and how she encouraged me to send “Peter the Rock” to John Paul II. In the last section of the hour, we talked about my recent experience with “Do What He Tells You to Do”, and how it tied into my consecration and Matthew’s health issues. Finally, I remembered back to 1974 and how I got the song “Jesus”. The basic theme was the immense Mercy of God to a poor teen, and how Our Lady, given to us as a mother from the Cross, has been so merciful in leading me and mine to The Source of Mercy, changing my water into wine. It was a wonderful conversation, and Mary Graham made me feel very comfortable.

At the head of this article, I have a link to a playlist on ReverbNation of the four songs played during the show in the order they appeared, as well as a link to the show. EnJOY!

Peace & Love & JOY,

Mark LaJOIE!