Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NEW Video! "Love's in a Name": A 'Classic Tracks' Pic Montage

Ever since I made a separate "Classic Tracks" site, I've been wishing people could peruse these great old (ancient?!?) pictures of us, summing up our history and meaning, while they listened to a song that sums it up, too.  Well, I'm not as dumb as I am, and I finally figured out the PERfect solution would be to synch up a bunch of pictures summing up our history to a song that sums it up, too!  (I'll pause here for the applause and cheering.)  ANYway, I decided to use the "Stupeflix" program that YouTube provides.  (I believe their theory was to combine the words 'stupendous' and 'flicks', but all I could get was 'stupid flicks'.  Hey, it worked for Forrest Gump.)  This is a very simple version of those photograph montage programs that seems to work pretty well for our purposes.

My old song "Jesus" says, "there is a Name, there is a Face, there is a Heart which gives us God's grace" and in "I See His Face" it says "I see His Face, filled with grace overcoming".  With this in my mind, I decided to use "Love's in a Name" for several reasons.  We all came like wet baby birds fallen out of our nests, from a world where "no one knows what to do"; in those early days, our faith joined us in devotion, healing and loving actions; we saw and showed that Face of Mercy.  Plus, our love for each other and our charitable work resulted  in great joy and encouragement.  We all grew up spiritually and formed families and received special calls to serve.  "Oh, if we love, we sing a song, we sing a song, we are strong!"  Yeah, this song works perfectly as a way to be filled with gratitude, joy and praise.  We want to join that "great cloud of witnesses" we are joined to in heaven in finishing our race well as a faith family.  As it says in "Fight For Me", if we trust in Him, how can we lose?