Thursday, January 21, 2016

Celebrating Forty Years and New Music Continues!

Celebrating Forty Years and New Music Continues!   

(The picture above is probably one of our first concerts, at first just covering ‘songs of praise’ tunes.  But, fairly soon, we were ‘dressing up’, putting on a show and composing new music.)

Yes, it’s true: we officially started in 1976, BUT, truth be told, major players in the group, like Mark, Mike, Dave, Chuck, & Danny had known each other since 1973 or so. We evolved into several permutations over the years, but there were several constants:  the music was always inspired in a very special way, and we became much more than a simply a ‘band’, we are a faith family. There are many stories and observations available on this blog and elsewhere, & we invite you to read, listen and celebrate with us.

The music is still happening in the same way. The other day, we played music for the funeral Mass of our good buddy, Cheryl Bullock, at our old stomping grounds, St. Patrick’s in Natick. It was just amazing how beautiful the music sounded and how well Mike spoke the eulogy. I think this family is not bound by the sorrows and limits of this mortal world.

And this week, Mike McBride & Josh have produced yet another new song called, “Trouble with Angel”. It’s amazing that such fine work is being produced in this stage of our lives. (Here is the link should you want to listen to it: )

And I have produced a new lyric video montage for “Do What He Tells You to Do”, from our award-winning  new EP, “Alive Again”. That song is now vying for the top spot on Adoration Radio. (Here is the link for the new video: )

Josh has approached me about producing more stuff, too. One of these vacations we’ll hopefully get that done before long for you. 

Chuck is now an officially ordained deacon, who exhibits a new spiritual power and the same old loveable silliness. I also have a new job leading a choir for the 9AM Mass at my parish.

One thing on our agenda is to get updated ‘old people’ ensemble photos for you. Hey, we’re proud to have made it this far – we’ll be glad to do that for you so you may fully behold the wonder of our agedness.

This is all just too wonderful for words! We have been blessed far beyond measure, a heaping measure that cries to be shared abroad.

Please, know, you are held in our hearts, and we are praying each day for all of our benefactors, friends and further family.

Peace & Love & JOY,

Mark LaJOIE!