Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Lajoie Boys Meet Alive! Re-issued


my uncle, O'Neil Lajoie, a Marine Raider; a picture of the whole family inc. my father, Raymond; my dad in the army; my dad in the 80's

The Lajoie Boys Meet Alive!

We are re-printing this for Independence Day 2019!

I am writing this on Veterans Day, November 11, 2011: 11/11/11.  At school, they asked if there were any veterans in our family that we would like remembered, listed and prayed for in honor of Veterans Day.  There are very many veterans in my extended family, but I knew who I wanted them to mention.  I thought of two men and one amazing incident in particular.

My uncle O'Neil was a remarkable man, filled with JOY, fun, humor, industriousness and faith.  His large family and the wonderful company he started speak of his powerful influence to bring good into the world.  He and my father, Raymond, were young men when Pearl Harbor happened.  They, like so many French-Canadians in Augusta were soon off to the Pacific theatre of the war.

O'Neil was in the elite forces of the Marines, a Marine Raider, those who went ashore first.  My father was an Army Sergeant who was admired and depended upon by his men.  They both ended up in the hell that was the Battle of Guadalcanal.  (My father did NOT like to talk about those days on the islands.  He let slip some things, like the trench foot, the close-up fighting, the hunger, the smell of the enemy, the prayer.)  At any rate, the months of that battle were finally over and each brother had heard devastating news:  each had heard the other had been killed.    But then both of their units did roll call near each other.  As the roll was being called they heard each other's names and...RESPONSES!  They rushed to hug each other, someone took a picture and it ended up in the the hometown paper, the Kennebec Journal, or, so I am told.  We, their children, stand in benefit of their miraculous survival, will and faith.  All who have been touched or blessed in any way by us, or by Living Waters music, for instance, are entirely beholden to these brave veterans.

May we always remember and treasure the gift of our country, and the veterans in our lives who have insured its survival to a new generation, till we meet alive again in Heaven.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

City of Joy (live) ...Remastered!

A good friend of ours on Reverbnation, Jose, or JMOYA offered us a free re-master since he had purchased more than he could use. We took him up on his offer with "Roll the Rock Over". Now, it occurred to me that one of our most precious live songs could do with this same treatment. And, so it has been accomplished! Here is the link:

City of Joy (live) Remastered!


All this remastering does is up the volume and space out the instruments a bit, it cannot get rid of some of the glitches in the original, but it is a great improvement. Unfortunately, the version that is released on the albums "Refresh" and "The Joy" (available on major outlets) cannot be corrected to this version without re-submitting those albums. In the mean time you can hear it for now on ReverbNation.

In thanks for this, I wish to, once again, place a link to his RN sites as a gesture of thanks. Please, patronize this kind soul's music:

This song is EXTRA special to us in that it has been included in some way on every album we have ever done! Rejoice with us....

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Our Living Waters Cross Picture!

Our Living Waters Cross Picture!

The picture we chose for the 'back cover' of our album, Overflow, is very symbolic. It is perfect for the subject matter of our album. It is precisely at the Cross, where Mary and John stood, that the victory was won. As the centurion pierced his heart after he died, this spoke of the flowing waters of Grace, now to be so freely available, especially in Baptism and Eucharist. You may notice we put in a back glow of dawning light. The Light of the World that all joined to Christ are called to be? this began to dawn and shine for us at that moment. His Resurrection was the follow-through, the blinding Light, that gained the Living Waters of His Spirit of Love for us. The songs, "Light of the World" and "Sunrise" at the end of the album come to mind.

This all reminds me of the vision that occurred at Knock, Ireland, in 1879, drawn from the symbolism of the Book of Revelation, based on the Cross and the Altar. We are not called "Living Waters" for nothing! We didn't plan all of these themes, but they are there! We invite you to listen to our album. Frankly? the best songs are later on in the album, but I am glad we preserved a certain thematic FLOW through the whole thing. Such skill in here, the fruit of decades of concerts, friendship and prayer. Dive in! and get refreshed....

"Overflow" Album

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Roll the Rock Over...Remastered!

Roll the Rock Over...Remastered!

A good friend of ours on Reverbnation, Jose, or JMOYA, also author of the "SY99" dance music site, offered us a free re-master since he had purchased more than he could use. I decided to take him up on this offer by sending him a song that I have long wished could be upped in volume at the very least. Now, it has been done!

Roll the Rock Over (live) remastered!


In thanks for this, I wish to place a link to his RN sites as a gesture of thanks. Please, patronize this kind soul's music:

It is SO nice to hear this gem we prize at such good volume! Rejoice with us....

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!

Friday, May 31, 2019

ReverbNation Milestones for LW!

ReverbNation Milestones for LW!

We have recently attained some pretty notable milestones on ReverbNation. We arrived there back around 2011 or so. I made a lot of mistakes at first, engaging in some 'spammy'-type attempts at spreading ourselves, for which please receive my sincere 'mea culpa's. But pretty soon, I got into the groove of this very organic, grass-roots way of doing things over eight years: meeting artists one at a time, telling our story, recording and posting new music, until now we find ourselves looking at some great numbers. Here are some:

-we recently got to #13 overall in the world!
{NOW #4! as of 6/17/19}
- 201,839 equity points
- 22,192 fans on RN, FB, and Twitter
- 50,642 song plays on RN
- 83,948 visits on RN

We have recently had contacts with One Man in the Middle reviews, and AVA Live Radio. Thanks to all of you for the great love! We love you and pray for you....

Peace & Love & JOY, 

Mark LaJOIE!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

"Light of the World" on AVA Live Radio!

"Light of the World" on AVA Live Radio!

Light of the World is getting some attention on AVA Live Radio!

LW's LotW on AVA! CLICK for feature page!

Light of the World will be featured on New Music Monday, first airing at 12 PM on....MONDAY! CLICK for the show June 3rd:

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Jesus Freak Hideout Podcast

Jesus Freak Hideout Podcast

We are mentioned in this Podcast at around 19:49 minutes. He gives a thumbnail sketch of our history. He notes that our sound "balances the classic rock sound" that was popular when we started, "....picking up other elements along the way and sometimes getting pretty epic in scope, but also knowing when to get simple and smaller, when to pull back and be tender....". He presents our song "Sunrise" as a balance of these two styles on "Overflow", playing a clip of "Sunrise" in the middle and playing the whole song at the end (39:38). Pretty cool, huh?

Podcast Link!