Sunday, March 19, 2017

Water Words in "Still FLOWing"!

Water Words in "Still FLOWing"!

Water words doing in here? Obviously, that often present word, "flow" is included in the title! Here are some of the other 'water' references found in our newest album:

1.     Booze Blues Cruise     
(First, there are wave and wind sounds at very end if you listen closely!)
The whole song concerns a figurative ship in a bottle
"Let the Spir-it come in, let it blow a-way 
Let it wash me in the seas Let my ship out of this bot-tle With a gen-tle warm-ing wind Let the wind in my sails, let it blow a-way Let me be born a-gain"
[Sailing references remind us of our previous "Rock and Boat (Boat of Peter)"]

2.     Take Me
"So, steady ahead & we will get to end, & we will catch eternity"
(This is a sailing term, that connects to the previous song). It is about going home, which makes us think of St. Therese of Lisieux's "The world is thy ship and not thy home".

3.     Home is Where the Heart Is
"A tear rolls down my cheek as I lay dying" This continues the FLOW of the home theme from "Take Me".

8.     Let Me In
Rain and flowing water sounds begin and end the track!

9.     Forever
"You were born in blood & pain
my blood fell like rain from the Altar of my Love."
This connects to the sounds from the previous song! The Blood & Water referred to in John 19 and the First Letter of John point to Baptism & Eucharist.

11.   Tell the Whole World Lots of WIND in this one, which reminds us of Booze Blues Cruise, though water is not mentioned directly. Pentecost, though dominated by fire & wind, ends with the Baptism of thousands.

12.   City of Joy (Reprise)
"There is a place to go where joy will OVERFLOW"  This song connects back to "City of Joy" in both "Refresh" and "The Joy".

And our cover is the Falls of Songs, which resemble our Refresh waterfall, the flowing stream of "Alive Again"and Niagara Falls on "The Joy".

Written on March 19, 2017, Living Waters Sunday when the Gospel is John 4.

Mark A. LaJOIE!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The FLOW in "Still Flowing": Forever in love....

The FLOW in "Still Flowing": Forever in love....

There is a LOT of thematic AND sonic flow in our new album, "Still Flowing"! We've noted some things already in recent posts. This album brings up a lot of the transitory difficult things we face in this life: the death of loved ones, the trap of sinful or addictive behavior and loneliness, and so on. And, yet, because of the Lord's Mercy from the Cross, precisely in these things we can hear the echo of "forever", the scent of heavenly incense. Listen to "Stay" (which Mike had thought of calling "Forever in Love"), and, then, "Forever". Married covenant love, and all its struggles, leads us to Calvary and....FOREVER! Listen to one and then the other, and find out what you hear and see.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The New Album: "City of Joy"...AGAIN

The New Album: "City of Joy"...AGAIN!

Our newest album has roots in our previous work. One of the strongest tethers of connection is our song, "City of Joy". It was partially inspired by the book of that name and also by the appearance of the Christ child to St. Francis at the first live creche scene in Greccio, Italy, in 1222. The live version we did was included on both "Refresh" AND "The Joy"! That is a little low in volume, but the performance was scintillating. The drive of bass, guitar and drums was perfect, and I don't think we ever performed the vocals better...and it all got caught on tape! Here is that version: 

"City of Joy (live)" on Spotify

In the early 90's, we tried to capture the song on multi-track. In fact, the album we never did quite finish at that time was going to be named "City of Joy". This version was definitely not as good in comparison with the live version, but I include it here for comparison purposes:

On that intended album, I (Mark) had had an idea of doing a short 'Reprise' of "City of Joy" at the end of the album. In recent years, I worked up exactly how that would have sounded, if we'd managed to record it. And now! We end our latest album with this very Reprise, only delayed by about 20 years! Here is that latest work!

This song has gotten quite a response. My favorite comment is this: "Listening to City Of Joy now, I hear a blend of vocal harmonies most of us can only dream of..." Thanks so much, guys!
— The Stonehouse Band

True joy lies in total sacrificial devotion to ever-flowing Mercy of the Lord's Heart. Nothing can be truer or more real or more beautiful. His Joy and Mercy are "Still Flowing" for YOU!

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Very Valentine Videos!

Very Valentine Videos!

For the feast of St. Valentine, who died for love of God and neighbor on February 14, 270 AD, Living Waters offers you two videos which celebrate 'forever' married love in Christ. The first is Mark & Julia's first dance, a song written by Mark. The second is a brand new love song by Mike, "Stay!". Enjoy in good spiritual health.....

"This Loving Stream" First Dance! Click this to watch on Reverbnation!

And when I first did see your face
Time and space stopped drift-ing by
And in your eyes I saw a trace
of that for which Man's Lov-er laid down his life

Where does this lov-ing stream flow?
You know it's say-ing 'Go with me! Go with me!'
For I feel an end-less hun-ger to be free in life
And I re-a-lize I love you
I love you

And when I first drank from the well
I could-n't tell you all the sweet-ness that I found
And as we come to know it well
Two ri-vers flow-ing now will join as one

Where does this lov-ing stream flow?
You know it's say-ing 'Go with me! Go with me!'
For I feel an end-less hun-ger to be free in life
And I re-a-lize I love you
I love you

"Stay!", a love song by Michael McBride from our new album, "Still Flowing".

Happy St. Valentine's Day!
Peace & LOVE & Joy,
Mark LaJOIE!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The New Album: "Let Me In"...AGAIN!

The New Album: "Let Me In"...AGAIN!

There are several tendrils of connection between our latest album and our rich past. For instance, there is "City of Joy", the live version of which was included on both of our classic recording albums, "Refresh" and "The Joy", which is now a Reprise at the end of this album. Deep roots! In this posting, let us take notice that Mike's excellent tune, "Let Me In" has been re-born into a new mold. It was a real staple in our early 80's touring days, and a wonderful version of that has been captured for posterity on our "Refresh" album. (Here that is:  Let Me In on Refresh.) I just loved the way we did it in those days. I actually played bass, but that didn't get picked up much on this live version. Greg is certainly at his best in this song on guitar. It has deep roots for Mike personally, among the earliest that came to him, and now expresses a new thought. And it is a new beautiful blossom that has deep Living Waters roots, as well.

In this new version, a totally new, more modern, more polished effect is achieved. This track opens with real sound of actual flowing or living waters, right? (You can hear water sounds and references in "Booze Blues Cruise", as well, by the way!) Before you listen to the song, I thought you might like to see a video extract of a track in process. In this video, you see Greg and Josh laying down electric guitar tracks that you can hear about two thirds of the way through on the song. Pretty cool! Here it is:


The result is that the vibrant new song of a very young Mike becomes the rich, mature song of a Mike come into his own. So, without further ado, from the album "Still Flowing", here is the newest version of "Let Me In" by Mike McBride!

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mark & Mike Songwriting Patterns!

Eighties Mark is on the left with the mustache and hair; on the right, Mike in 1995 or so

Mark & Mike Songwriting Patterns!

Celebrating forty years and just putting out a new collection, it is notable that, right from the beginning, we always had a dual songwriting team, Mike McBride and myself, Mark Lajoie. (I've jokingly compared our 'L & M' team, 'Lajoie & McBride', to 'Lennon & McCartney' before!) I noticed an interesting pattern for Mike and myself throughout all the years. I can draw a line for each of us through these years, writing a particular style of song.

For myself, I've written a series of four blues-based or rock n roll type songs over the whole time. They are an early one, "Roll the Rock Over", 80's core concert song, "It's Not the Same" and the more recent "Booze Blues Cruise" and "Do What He Tells you To Do". I don't think I ever noticed this before. I've always been aware of how the Beatles affected us both in our vocals and songwriting, but there is a definite blues-y thing happening with Mark Lajoie. What do you think?

Next, I've noticed that Mike is continuing a pattern of epic, piano ROCK-type classics. His initial prototypical concert-style breakthrough was the truly epic "Searching". That thing rocks! Well, he just continued this with the masterpiece, "Lonely Dancer" and has continued the pattern lately with "Take Me" and "Save Me From Myself". That thing rocks, too doesn't it?! 

Each pattern is a definite flow, I would say. I would further say, that both catalogs in their entirety together flow just as well, as if it was meant to be. Well, it was!

I was especially gratified that, in our most recent reunion concert, we performed, as a whole band, a brand new composition from each one of us:  "Do What He Tells You to Do" AND "Save Me From Myself". That was just so awesome.

Thanks to all of you who have listened, watched and appreciated. If you are so inclined, you could do something to spread or promote this music.

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

“Take Me” on Video!

Take Me Video (Click this to go to LivingWatersUTube)
Take Me Video on Reverbnation


We are so happy to present a new video for Mike’s beautiful song, “Take Me”. It is the second track in our new collection, “Still Flowing”, and it is a thematic and sonic tone-setter for the whole album. When Mike ‘came back’ to us, he was finally free to let out a torrent of fantastic musical expression and this was the first big result. On the album, the song flows quite naturally into the next song, “Home is Where the Heart Is”, as it expresses that yearning to “take me home with You”.
Mike told me the trigger for the song was the awful shootings at the theater in Colorado, and then what happened at our own Boston Marathon. (I’ve included photos from those incidents.) It is about that terrible pain when you lose someone you love, and, yet, your deep knowledge of the Lord lets you know they’re all right. And you want to be with them, but, more, your heart wants to beat with that Heart Who is the Unbeatable Source of all goodness, truth and beauty, the Heart that provides this ideal solace in the first place.

I tried to express all this in the pictures I chose for the collage. Included is a famous picture of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati climbing the mountain cliff; his saying was “verso l’alto” (“to the top” or "to the highest”). He wanted the Lord to take Him home, by making every effort, by His Grace, to be holy, to love and give to the poor all the way. I also have a relevant saying of Saint Therese: “The world’s thy ship and not thy home”. Both of these are modern young people who died in an untimely manner at 24 years old. (I hadn't realized this till after the video was done!) This is perfect for this song and gives us hope in the middle of senseless tragedy. The theme is quite appropriate to this “Year of Mercy” and provides the Gospel answer to the accelerating violence and dehumanization in the world today.

So, without further ‘adieu’, I present to you the video for “Take Me”.

Peace & Love & JOY,