Saturday, May 19, 2018

LW Songs Featured on ReverbNation

LW Songs Featured on ReverbNation

In the last couple of weeks, several different songs by Living Waters have been accepted and are or will be featured on ReverbNation. One of them is "Love's in a Name" video. Just CLICK on the picture:

Another video is Mike's breakthrough song, "Take Me" under the Christian Rock category; CLICK on the picture again!:

We have also received word that "Light of the World DEMO" will be put on one of RN's "Chart-Topping Artist Playlist"s soon. Click on this to hear it!

ReverbNation recently communicated with me on a personal level about things on RN, and they have "curated" several of our songs. Things have not always been smooth, but, I must say, I am very glad Living Waters joined Reverb back in 2011! Please, enJOY!

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Living Waters Social Media Milestones

Living Waters Social Media Milestones

ReverbNation Fan Stats as of 5/5/2018

We've been on these internets since 2011. It was a thrill finding and posting our old music, & to start creating new recordings. I have to say, though, I (Mark) made a lot of mistakes of many kinds at first, trying to 'promote' our music. Apologies to any who were adversely affected at that time; we pray that love may cover over such sins!

In the end, I decided to try and take a more organic approach, making each direct encounter as real as possible, refraining from 'techniques' or gimmicks as much as possible. And, slowly and steadily, we have made a lot of good friends and have reached a lot of people in many places.

The current look of our Twitter site....

So, now, we can announce that we have reached the 9000 level on Twitter AND the 4000 level for our band site on Facebook.

A glimpse of our FB, which features a rolling video of our album covers....
SO! Overall, we now have over 21,000 fans overall on our many sites.

Such numbers don't mean a whole lot in the eternal picture, but we will rejoice in any sign that our seeds are indeed being planted and WATERed! ;)

We are by no means done, though we are getting older, no doubt. Recording is still going on and our faith and unity are "still FLOWing", to turn a phrase. Please, come check it out, and REFRESH!!

Peace & Love & JOY!
Mark LaJOIE!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Living Waters "Let It Reign" Playlist

A Living Waters "Let It Reign" Playlist

We put together a playlist that features the 'Bread & Cup' Eucharist theme found in Mike's new DEMO, "Let It Reign". Our new production, "Covenant Love", also mentions this image, as does an unpublished demo, "Song of Love" and "Make Me Free", a full group tune from our "Refresh" album. SO, without further adieu, here is the "Bread & Cup" Playlist!

CLICK!: "Bread & Cup" Playlist

Sunday, April 15, 2018

A New Living Waters DEMO: "Let It Reign"

A New Living Waters DEMO:

"Let It Reign"

Click to listen: Let It Reign DEMO

dark clouds, before the rain comes to wash us....

It's funny. I'd been thinking that there should be a song by us that mentions Living Waters AND mentions the Bread & Cup. It would fit very well in a prospective album we've been working on. 
Then, lo and behold, Mike comes up with this! Mike did this himself on GarageBand as a demo, in hopes of recording it with the band. This latest new song reminds me of one of our first songs that Mike and I wrote that also mentions the Bread & the Cup:

"Song of Love DEMO" Click to hear

As it was in the beginning so now until the end. The need for healing of past ills as we grow older hit me "like a hurricane" as I listened to this. The Lord really is the Lamb of God who takes unto Himself the sins of the world. We have a place we can go together to be washed clean by the living water that flows from His Heart. It was His idea to prepare the Bread and the Cup, because of His great love for all. We in LW know this.
Mike has spoken with Josh, and the plan is to make this into a group song this summer. THAT would be awesome, for sure! I would love to add something. Here's what Mike said about this:

My writing is my strongest connection to God, it keeps me connected spiritually. Mostly because it is He that forces this music and more so, the lyrics. It heals me and inspires me. I am 100% aware that I am His vessel. This song came from watching my dad suffer so much. But he keeps his faith and never complains. He is an example of great strength in character. And, the opening lyrics did throw me back to the early days. This is clearly a Living Waters song. 

Keep on the lookout for what may come!

Right after the Our Father and before our Communion, we have traditionally prayed for the healing of past and future to which this song refers: Deliver us, we beg You, Lord, from every evil, past, present, and to come.

the fresh Sonrise after the hurricane of grace

Peace & Love & JOY!
Mark LaJOIE! on behalf of Living Waters

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Award Nominations for Living Waters!

Award Nominations for Living Waters!

We just got the word! We received three different nominations for the Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood, California. Unfortunately, I don't see how we could collect any awards in person, should we win. But, it is a great honor. The songs involved are "Alive Again", "Do What He Tells You to Do" video, and "Light of the World" DEMO. Here are the nominations:

There are actually more nominations for the first two which I could not get in the picture. We'll be interested to see how this turns out!

Friday, March 16, 2018

"Thank You Lord" for John Polce

"Thank You Lord

for John Polce

John's Website

"Thank You, Lord" by John Polce (Youtube)

Thank You Lord on Spotify

Simple. Living Waters loves John Polce. We met way back when we were just forming in the 70's. We played our first official concert as "Living Waters" in 1976 at Cony High School in Augusta, ME. To be honest? we weren't very good at all at that point; but he happily lent his ample talent to the event. And we kept in touch over all the years, playing some gigs together and lending support to him when we could.

What an amazing conversion story he has! You should look it up. He was about to 'hit it big' when he fell apart and turned to the Lord. He has used his musical talent for Him ever since.

His voice? It's hard to describe how wonderful his voice is without just listening to him. I remember some of us saw him when he did a joint concert with the great Dion DiMucci of Dion & the Belmonts in Boston. Dion had started to write and perform Christian/Catholic music at the time. Now he has a great voice for his style, but when they sang together the amazing unique quality of John's voice shone out in contrast. (NO put down intended at all for the great Dion, btw. He truly stands out in so many ways. But, in my humble opinion? John's tonal & expressive quality is unmatched.) My wife was just commenting how perfectly his song "Thank You, Lord" expresses the strong, heroic soul of our Lord through his Passion. As I write it is two weeks before Easter and Living Waters can't think of a better song to listen to right now than this.

Please! Do yourself a favor and patronise someone who has given his whole life to bless so many with his work. His song, "Thank You Lord" is perfect for this time of year. Love you all!

Peace & Love & JOY!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Another LW Song Curated by ReverbNation!

Another Living Waters Song 'Curated' by ReverbNation!

Yes, it's true! This time it's "Do What He Tells You to Do", which has been gaining some traction lately. Here is the message they sent:

Nice work! Your song Do What He Tells You to Do caught our attention and has made its way to the headphones of our Senior Curators. Curation is the first step towards career-changing artist development programs such as label deals, festival slots, and more. Not every song gets heard by Senior Curators, so give yourself a pat on the back!

Do What He Tells You to Do (video)

Do What He Tells You to Do (audio only)

This is the FOURTH Living Waters song to have this honor. The others are "Glory", "Alive Again" and "Stay!". Congratulations to all the members of Living Waters who are responsible for creating and recording these wonderful expressions of our family! To all of our friends, rejoice with us in this gift & our happiness.

Peace & Love & JOY!
Mark LaJOIE!