Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Thematic FLOW of "Overflow": Part Three

The Thematic FLOW of "Overflow"

Part Three

Joshua, our producer, responded to the response we are publishing here. "....To be honest, I was puzzled by our lineup of songs, each seemed so different in style and feel, but after reading [these] reflections, I realize how I should put MY thoughts aside and put HIS first. There is a beautiful duality in this album between God trying to reach us (the listener) and us (also listener) finding our way to Him. [These] thoughts definitely put Anna Post in a new light for me and puts a deeper contextual meaning for Nothing But Love for the whole album. I also loved how [this person] connected Let It Reign with When Sunday Comes...never saw a connection there because the styles were so different, but it does call back to it nicely (the Divine vs human duality again)...."

Well said, Josh! And now the final episode of the reflection:

#8 Let It Reign

His mighty power is alive in the music and Mike's voice,

Christ IS calling ALL to the Altar, to wash away our sins (and the sins of our world) BY His Body and Blood.

Musically this song takes the listener back to the beginning, "When Sunday Comes."

Love is a hurricane.

This song is a true prophecy of what lies ahead.

It IS about to rain, fire perhaps.
He is about to reign.

Let it rain -- His Living Water (from His side) at the Altar.

These are the times.  Powerfully, (as the music conveys), very soon (relatively speaking)
His Love will rain down a cleansing hurricane, personally for each individual, but within His Church, too.

Do not fear.  Let it rain.  His reign will emerge from the tidal wave.

Again, I say, this song -- so full, rich, pregnant with His power and Truth -- is a prophecy.  (I am telling you, it is.  Personally, Michael for you, and for The Church and the world.

You have touched His present work.  He has caught you up, like Noah in the ark, to protect you from the tidal wave, of sin, and God's loving justice.

Do not fear.  Rush to the Altar.  HE WILL REIGN.

#9 Light of the World


Peace will return to the world after the "hurricane."

We, in Him, will be the light of the world.

We will live only to praise and love the King Who Reigns.

"Everybody striving to Love."  "Lift your hearts and your voices to Heaven.  Be the light of the world."

"Sing 'Hosanna to Jesus' -- He will lead us to Life -- eternal Life (in Him.)

"You may listen; or perhaps you may not.  Count the cost."His is calling, from eternity.

"Eyes have not seen; ears have not heard" what His reign will be.  A Glory never seen before.

"Shine His Light.  The Light of the World.”


Josh:  an instrument in Christ's masterful hands; His work through Josh.


#10 Sunrise

I can literally see and feel the sunrise in the music and Mike's voice, feel its warmth and feel/hear its invigoration of life.

"What will the future hold?  A story still untold."

Time has gone by so fast.  The sun sets.

"Holding You (Christ) feels so right, until the Son-Rise
  Nothing can keep me away from You, 
  until the Son-Rise in the morning."

-- when His Light renews all life.

"Look into His eyes:
          I'm here with you till the ending;
          I was here with you from the start, 'til the Son-Rise."

Jesus is still calling.  
New life, the Son-Rise after the dark, will come.

Peace & Love & JOY,Mark LaJOIE!

The Thematic FLOW of "Overflow" Part Two

The Thematic FLOW of "Overflow"

Part Two

In John 2, the waiter commented at the end of the miracle of the water-into-wine, "you have saved the best for last". It seems to me, Our Lord, the Master of Time has weaved the beautiful story of our Living Waters family perfectly into an even more beautiful fruition here in our latter days: "you have saved the best for last"!

 So! without further ado, Part DEUX!

#5 Anna Post Writing

The music conveys the anxiety the listener is experiencing after Christ's pleading/entire self-giving in "Nothing But Love."

She is "busying herself", avoiding the pain of her life and He Who has called out to her, laid down His Life for her in Nothing But Love.

"Doesn't know she's dying...".  "to satisfy the questions her brain... "  all that Christ's call to her brought forth in NBL.

Now writing about a Way of Life that is better -- writing "Good News!"

I NEVER liked or appreciated this song, BUT

it has found its place --  where it has always belonged -- just where it is within this cd/love letter.

Musically it invigorates the listener/the searcher .... to continue on....

#6 Hail Mary

Who brought/brings He Who Is the "Good News?!"

Mary, of course.

"Hail, Mary...."

   and blessed is the fruit of Her womb, Jesus.

"Please, please pray for us/me as we proceed to Your Son.

Warmest, heavenly vocals.  Embracing music.

Healing tears flow from within the heart of the listener, from the Most Merciful Heart(s) of Mary and Her Son, Jesus, Our Savior.

The listener will surrender to Her tenderness, and trust Her.

#7 When He Came Into My Life

"I'm ready to give -- completely" (as Christ taught previously in NBL, and as Mary always has and always will.

"Don't worry, my son, I will always be with you."

"Now I see the Light, ready for sight, with Fire I know I can fight."

"He can set your heart on fire, set you free, if that's what you desire."

Time for the listener/searcher to decide.Musically it is jolting after "Hail, Mary"; but, that is what is needed to spur one on.  "Hey, fight!"

Stay tuned for the remaining installment!

Peace & Love & JOY,Mark LaJOIE!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Thematic FLOW of "Overflow": Part One

The Thematic FLOW of "Overflow"

Part One

And now, a series of guest posts from one of our Living Waters family, a person whose anonymity will be preserved at this time. These were notes on each song, addressed to Mark, Mike & Josh, after this person listened to the whole album for the very first time. They saw the ordering of the songs as being absolutely PERFECT and divinely inspired. (I must say, I had some ideas and inspirations about how the album would flow. There was a 'plan'. But what finally transpired is far beyond what I could have imagined!) A very evident prophetic theme presented itself to this person, namely the immense ocean of Love and shining Light of the World, which is God's Mercy shown to us poor sinners through the Person & Passion of Our Lord Jesus. He is THE Covenant & Meeting-Place for us in His Person and in His loving Heart in these cold, confusing times. This is a coherent invitation to come, eat and drink to all those out there searching desperately for the shining unconditional Love that shimmers beneath the gauzy curtain of this Creation.  

{Overflow by Living Waters on Spotify} CLICK! to listen

#1 Sing To Jesus

O.K.  My heart is rejoicing!

Sing to Jesus.  I can tell right away about what Josh has added in the various ways he can with his skills and talent.  Love the clap track -- its sound and pace and peppiness -- but not hokey or overdone.  I think after just one track I can understand why you [Mark] have listened over and over again!  And yes, joy will overflow. Neat touch there at the end.....

[The words, "He can brighten up your darkest night" were later noted as looking forward to the rest of the album.]

#2 When Sunday Comes

Wow!  Musically/spiritually drawing me somewhere, questioning the "why" of it all yet leading the listener somewhere...

curious where the cd will take me, and where is Christ taking the singer and the listener....  I can feel the grind, the journey, but anticipate a Light.

Musically, wow.

#3 Covenant Love

Some of your richest vocals ever.  Josh's work brings out the best.

Of course, I know this song well and have always loved and appreciated it.  But in this version Jesus Himself reaches out anew.  Jesus, the Man God is real, strong, powerful, capable of His Promise, caring -- this comes through in a deeper way.

"You're still so far away....". -- musically makes it somehow feel/sound like the listener is as distant as he is feeling within

then the vocals become inviting and very "warm."

The background music is amazing; so so much added to what always was 
The old familiar LW group vocals are new, somehow (after all these years) at their best, blended beautifully, mature, rich.

"I've got love wounds in my hands -- with you I'm gonna stand."  --   Jesus and His eternal promise comes through strong, clear, truly real to the searching/suffering soul to whom He is speaking, (to the listener).

His eternal Covenant of Love with the listener comes across as The Truth.

#4 Nothing But Love

"I've got nothing but Love for you."

I cannot plumb the depths of this song with words here.

Christ seals the deal He made in "Covenant Love" -- powerfully, completely -- with His Life.  

Christ's anguish, His forgiveness - to never stop drawing the soul to His Heart - is subtly powerful.  Those who question, deny, rebuff Him will stop and look on Him again.  He is reaching out, in His Truth, by His complete self-giving, to the listener.

Stay tuned for the coming installments!

Peace & Love & JOY,Mark LaJOIE!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Overflow Released on Spotify!

Overflow Released on Spotify!

"Overflow" on SPOTIFY CLICK to listen!

We are celebrating! After 42 years of existence as a group, Living Waters has our first full-length studio album released on Spotify. It is now also on Amazon and many other sites. I never thought this would happen. There have been hints and the aroma of grace associated with this project the whole way, as if it wasn't really our idea, but Someone else's. I call the result a small miracle. Please, rejoice with us by listening on Spotify, if you have it. If you don't, it's easy to sign up. Plus, we get a tiny remuneration for our troubles. We are praying you will be amply enLIGHTened and blessed!

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE! with
Mike McBride
Joshua Loell

"Overflow" on SPOTIFY CLICK to listen!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Anna Post Writing!

Anna Post Writing!

Anna Post Writing CLICK to hear

Ah! "Anna Post Writing", another one of our earlier has now become a full studio production on our brand new album, "Overflow". In concert, it featured Greg doing some stellar lead guitar, and gave a chance for everyone, including the back-up singers to do some good work. It tells the sad story of a woman breaking up with her husband, and then losing herself in her job writing the news. BUT! luckily she is inspired to pick up the Bible and reads exactly what she needs to get her hope and direction back. She writes to her husband to extend unconditional Gospel love, and there the story ends with no discernible resolution. Perhaps there will have to be a sequel! (Btw, the name was not meant to refer to anybody in the real world, only to make a play on words!) 

This story quite closely resembles the classic conversion story of St. Augustine, which he tells in his famous autobiography, "The Confessions". While in his garden, he kept hearing a child's voice chanting "Tolle, lege! Tolle, lege!" 0r "Take up and read", upon which he opened to Romans and found the definite answer he needed to his prayer, and Jesus healed his misery and pain. Sound familiar? We, too, are chanting in a child-like voice in this song, 'Tolle, lege'! He can heal your misery and pain! 

I had done a Noteworthy Composer of this song back around 2011 and then the summer before this I added live guitars and voice to make a demo. This year, Mike, Greg, Josh & I put in work to turn this into a studio production, and? voila! here is the result. This features Greg's original riffs and a faithful reproduction of the vocals we did and the very 70's typewriter & references. Please, enjoy!

Anna Post Writing CLICK to hear

Peace & Love & JOY,

Friday, December 28, 2018

LW's "Light of the World"!

LW's "Light of the World"!

Light of the World Studio Mix from "Overflow"

We have some really amazing news! We have a brand new version of one of our truly classic 'bangers' from way back in the day: "Light of the World"! It is mixed by our own beloved Josh Loell, with all of the original band members playing what they always used to play in concert. There is Dave's familiar high noodling bass part in the intro, Tony's signature style on drums, Greg & Mark rounding out the Guitar brothers, Mike on piano, Denise lending her awesome voice to the proceedings. 

Let's talk about how we got to the point where I wrote this song.

Way back, when Living Waters first started in 1976, we did a couple of my early meditation songs in our first shows, but most of our group concert material consisted in cover songs. BUT, quite early on, we began to consciously write our own group-style songs.

"Sing to Jesus" was probably the first; Dave got that one started with the intro riff. I remember all of us playing it while staying at Chuck's house in Waterville, ME. (That one is the intro to the new album!) Four LW types joined in to create "The Introduction Song" which did exactly what it said in the title, introducing us as the concert began. (Some of us were just talking about that one recently at my son's wedding.) It included a choreographed dance by the newly joined dance troupe. We have no surviving recordings of that one.

A "Sheepgate Coffehouse" Reunion Concert where we revived "Light of the World"

However, probably our first really big one was "Light of the World". There's so many things we could say about this one. I believe all the crew would line up in front of the stage and sway and clap. The clap on the chorus was a special one: 'clap, clap...clap...clap, clap...clap'. (Anne-Marie just called it "that cool clapping"; yeah, it was cool, all right!) ALL the back-up singers were very active on singing this one, an example of working on vocal arrangement that became a hallmark for us. We have a couple of old 'classic live' versions of "L of the on W" on our sites, one from 1987.

The tableau for 'evil thoughts' in the Light of the World skit; Mark, Mary Gillis & Mike

Another thing was that this song was usually strategically joined in the program to our early dramatic skit of the same name, "Light of the World". This skit illustrated how vices can be overcome by the power of what our Lord did for us on the Cross. The skit flowed & matched with the song perfectly. (Greg used to pray an acoustic lick in the background during a part of the action, based on "The Trees" by Rush. It fit perfectly.)
As a matter of fact, our shows began to become very well thought out in general, thematically and sonically, with lights, dance, drama and a large sound system. Our standard line became 'we started as a bunch of kids fooling around with our instruments and became a full production of music, dance & drama', & that really wasn't exaggerating. We moved on to the whole "Prodigal Daughter" format after this in support of Covenant House where we actually told a coherent story.

Soon after this song, Mike had a big breakthrough with the epic rocker, "Searching" and the amazing "Lonely Dancer", and I did "Nobody Else" and "Let's Stay," and so on and so on, but the way for those was prepared by these earliest group concert songs.

In this recording you hear & feel very much what it felt & sounded like back in those glorious early days. It felt like a new album was brewing with these songs, and, miraculously, providentially, that has happened! The new album features a deep dive into these earliest roots, plus some totally new creations. Those days were a great gift of grace to all involved, and this song was a part of that. And that grace continues to overflow one hundred-fold, to this time and unto eternal life....
Peace & Love & JOY,

Mark LaJOIE!

Light of the World Studio Mix from "Overflow"

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

"Overflow" is Released...Merry Christmas!

"Overflow" is Released...Merry Christmas!


"Overflow" by Living Waters on Bandcamp! Click to listen....

It has happened! The work is complete. If you've heard parts of this album already, you still have no idea. There has been a lot of work done, just in the last week or so, on virtually every song.  It is now finished. This album has become something greater than its parts. Please! Listen to this! As of today, Christmas Day, it is available on our Bandcamp site and is streaming on ReverbNation.

There were big contributions by Mike McBride, Greg Loell and Mark Lajoie, and especially the talented producer, Joshua Loell (Best Film Score Winner!). Most exciting is that Dave Bourque, Tony & Denise Vassel all did their part also, especially on "Light of the World" and "Hail Mary". This album features lots of joint vocals and a large dose of a rockin' Greg Loell.

We are aiming to release the digital distribution (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.) on January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany. That fits perfectly with the theme of the album: 'He can brighten up your darkest night...', the Light of the World, Sonrise. 

Please, share in our joy, listen, download, and share the goodness! Be on the lookout for the streaming releases coming soon.

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!