Thursday, April 11, 2013


FLOWING FROM OUR PAST! New Old Songs & Radio

A lot of exCIting stuff has happened in recent months. I, Mark Lajoie, got a microphone and a guitar adapter for my computer and began reworking & re-mixing some old Living Waters songs.  Probably the highlight so far is the collaboration on "Booze Blues Cruise" which features the stellar guitar work of Greg Loell and the mixing of his son, Josh. It really rocks and, as Jim said, it "sounds like Living Waters". A video version with a few photos is above. (Jim Babish set up a sharing folder using DropBox and the long-distance recording was achieved.)  Josh also did a stunningly stellar job on mixing down a very old meditation song, "Jesus".
[ Click here to listen to "Jesus": .]

Can't wait for people to hear "Song of Love" but this is not being heard until Mike McBride is on it, too - just wouldn't be right without him on this, the only song we really co-wrote. Looking forward to more input this summer on many songs.

Another classic rock-flavored tune includes a bird call, "We All Did It":

Another old meditation song, "Forever" was performed with a backing track twice by me and it was just awesome to experience the power of this very old song.
[ Click here to listen to "Forever": ]

There are other songs I have done that have been posted to ReverbNation that need to be re-mixed before they are mastered for a new album, but it looks like that's where we are heading. I think we should call it "Flowing from our Past" or "Flowing". Do you like that? We'll see. But here are some other tunes we have posted on ReverbNation.

"Tell the Whole World"
[UPDATE: We just put up a newer version of this w/o overdriven vocals! 5/5]
"A Stand of Courage"
"Ring the Judas Bell"

Working on several more.....

Another very exciting development is that many of our songs have been put in rotation on a new Catholic radio station, Adoration Radio at . Heard "Peter the Rock", "Nobody Else" and "Jesus" on the station recently.  "Forever" was the song that opened the door there. 

This is what I have prayed for and dreamed of all along...that our music would be crystallized, heard and bring knowledge and blessing.

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!