Monday, July 25, 2011

CRAzy Praise!

Crazy Praise!

Just had a great conversation with a man who started a new website based on a contest sort of like American Idol.  He was filled with great enthusiasm and guided me through some of the features on the site and some of the early achievements – seemed very proud and full of verve.  They’re based in Orlando, FL & you might want to join up or check them out.  For a fee you can enter contests for prizes & shows.
How I did I get to talk to this guy?  His young daughter sent me his number and told me to call!  I’m kind of glad she did.  Apparently she put a couple of our songs on a CD and put it in his truck and said, “Dad, you’re going to like this music.”  The songs were “City of Joy” and “Love’s in a Name”, I think.  This man is so open to so many different kinds of music.  If you’re a musician, it seems there is a lot to recommend this enterprise.
Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark Lajoie!