Thursday, July 30, 2015

Living Waters Honors Norma Rossignol!

Living Waters Honors Norma Rossignol!

Living Waters would like to take the time to honor a very special woman for us. Chuck's mother, Norma Rossignol, passed away this week. Chuck says it was a notably holy and joyous passing; that's not surprising because she lived her whole life the same way, with deepest faith and joy. She was a surrogate mother to Living Waters. I remember a bunch of us kids, including Mike , Mark, Dave, Jimmy & Danny going up to the the farmhouse in Waterville, and spending hours praying and singing, and writing songs, with her warm heart enveloping all of us. She & her family blessed all of us so much. She was VERY involved in music & service & worship at her parish and elsewhere. I was not surprised when she was named Maine Mother of the Year in 1990. Without people like her and Nancy McBride and so many others, Living Waters would not be what it has been and is. How could hers have NOT been a happy death? Her faith, hope and charity were undeniable, and they bore unmistakable fruit, here and beyond. We love you, Norma Faith (Hubert) Rossignol! Requiscat in pace!
Here is the link to the obituary she wrote herself, adapted by Chuck's brother, Ken:

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Living Waters is FLOWing on Adoration Radio!

Living Waters is FLOWing on Adoration Radio!

9/4/15 As of now, Adoration has moved to "Breadbox Media"!

Adoration "Culture of Life" Website Address

The recently released Living Waters song, "Do What He Tells You to Do", has been featured in several broadcasts of Adoration Radio this month: July 4, July 11 & July 18. And NOW, we are told "Alive Again" will be featured soon, including an interview with Mark Lajoie about the song.

Mary Graham, the creator of Adoration Radio, is an old internet friend of the band. A couple of years ago, when Adoration was a web-style broadcast, she was very generous in including several of our older songs, and providing links to our sites; she especially liked our classic guitar brothers picture!

Unfortunately, that enterprise could not be sustained, but, now it is gloriously resurrected on Real Life Radio. In its current incarnation, it is a regular live radio broadcast, which is re-issued afterwards as a podcast with bonus material. Mary and her crew are doing yeoman duty promoting & publicizing great Catholic music, and we are praying and rooting for this show. It was certainly a thrill for us to hear our song play right after Audrey Assad and Matt Maher.

The stories on  Mary's excellent interview program, Living Witnesses, are also certainly worth listening to, including one by our own Mark Lajoie. We strongly encourage you to click through and listen to their skilled & spiritual efforts.

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!