Saturday, March 5, 2016

"Love's Beginning" (Backing Tracks)

"Love's Beginning" (Backing Tracks)

For the backing track mix:
For the full group version with vocals:

There's so much to say about the work done on this track! I think it is one of Greg's finest hours on electric guitar for one thing. Let's break it down a bit.

Mike wrote the song, and it is just a wonderful idea for a Christmas song from top to bottom. We probably spent the most time down in the cellar working on tracks for this particular song on instruments AND vocals, and I think the results are marvelous.

Tony's drums were individually miked, although they are dropped quite a bit in this particular  mix. If you listen to the full version we have with the vocals, you can hear those "roto-toms" used to full advantage at the end of each phrase in the chorus. This is one song that makes clear that we had a real drum player in this group.

There are a couple of songs that show off Dave's unique and fascinating take on composing for bass. One is that stick-in-your-head riff he came up with in "There's a Woman"; this is certainly another, where he does several great things. One thing to notice is that 'bass chord' thing he does during the bridge; another is how he shakes the neck when hitting that low E on the verses. Just listen once while concentrating on what he is doing.

Greg comes into his own here using the distorted electric guitar to serve a song that is so musical and lyrical. Following the bass line to back the chorus, sliding to those high rhythm chords to segue from one part to another. And that lead? it is a thing of beauty. I love that subtle bend in the beginning and those perfectly-placed triple runs leading to a perfect climax. Well-crafted is right!

As on "Glory", Mike shows himself to be an amazing piano player, particularly knowing just exactly how to ornament the background with tinkling lines that meander in exactly the right fashion. He, of course, also added several synthesizer parts. Even Mark got into the act, adding that one swelling ninth chord during the second verse and the one-finger string synthesizer backing to the lead, as well as the single piano chord which is heard at the very end on the vocal version.

It is truly our pleasure to present to you, without instruments, "Love's Beginning"!

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!