Saturday, February 4, 2017

The New Album: "Let Me In"...AGAIN!

The New Album: "Let Me In"...AGAIN!

There are several tendrils of connection between our latest album and our rich past. For instance, there is "City of Joy", the live version of which was included on both of our classic recording albums, "Refresh" and "The Joy", which is now a Reprise at the end of this album. Deep roots! In this posting, let us take notice that Mike's excellent tune, "Let Me In" has been re-born into a new mold. It was a real staple in our early 80's touring days, and a wonderful version of that has been captured for posterity on our "Refresh" album. (Here that is:  Let Me In on Refresh.) I just loved the way we did it in those days. I actually played bass, but that didn't get picked up much on this live version. Greg is certainly at his best in this song on guitar. It has deep roots for Mike personally, among the earliest that came to him, and now expresses a new thought. And it is a new beautiful blossom that has deep Living Waters roots, as well.

In this new version, a totally new, more modern, more polished effect is achieved. This track opens with real sound of actual flowing or living waters, right? (You can hear water sounds and references in "Booze Blues Cruise", as well, by the way!) Before you listen to the song, I thought you might like to see a video extract of a track in process. In this video, you see Greg and Josh laying down electric guitar tracks that you can hear about two thirds of the way through on the song. Pretty cool! Here it is:

The result is that the vibrant new song of a very young Mike becomes the rich, mature song of a Mike come into his own. So, without further ado, from the album "Still Flowing", here is the newest version of "Let Me In" by Mike McBride!

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!