Friday, April 29, 2016

Water Pictures Doing Here?

Water Pictures Doing Here?

Let’s tell the story of the pictures that represent who we are, shall we? This is our classic waterfall picture that we have used from our entrance into the internet world around five years ago or so. It was taken by our drummer, Tony, pictured with his work. (Tony is actually quite an accomplished pro-type photographer.) It was taken at “The Flume” at Franconia Notch in New Hampshire.Our name is a Biblical one, with deep meaning. ‘Living Waters’, Mayim Chaim - מים חיים  is water that is flowing, alive, life-giving. It has been used by the Bible to connote God’s Holy Spirit of Love, and his quenching our spiritual thirst and hunger in the Eucharist, as in Psalm 42. We used this picture for our first album, “Refresh”, containing classic full-band tracks. Here is the result below. If you look really closely, you will find tiny words hidden among the crags; I didn’t know how to get rid of them at the time, so there they stayed!

Here is a close-up of the script band title which we have used at times:

Another classic was taken when the bass player, Dave, went to the ultimate waterfall, Niagara. His daughter took the photo. This frozen yet flowing scene was perfect for our Christmas album, “The Joy”, named for Mike’s song. I should really give credit to my wife, Julia, for her sense of presentation for these pictures. Pictured are Dave & Kathy and Jackie at her wedding.

Most recently, I took a quick snap of the water at Mine Falls Park in Nashua, NH, for our newest EP, “Alive Again”. This is the result, as seen on BandCamp:

Another picture we have used is from the altar of my school's chapel, depicting Psalm 42, and the Eucharist:

And here are the Falls of Song in NH (how appropriate!):

Soon, perhaps, we will talk about the group shots we’ve used. As Mike told me recently, it really is time to get a new one. If we do, I will certainly put it here. Well, that is enough for now! So happy to share the FLOW with you all!

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!