Monday, May 30, 2016

For Memorial day: "Fight For me"

putting our flags up, back in the day....

Fight For Me!
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Living Waters really digs Memorial Day. Most of us either come from military families, or have important people from our families who served. "Fight For Me", which you can hear on our "Refresh" album certainly comes to mind! This song, with its military feel, expresses the desire to give your life for and in service to others, and also speaks of that supreme confidence in the good which exemplifies our holiday. The best military people hate war in itself as a terrible thing, but embrace the opportunity to face such evil in order to preserve freedom for others. "Fight For Me" says that the ultimate battle is the fight with vice & sin in ourselves. The Good News there is that, not only are we not alone, but victory is guaranteed for those who trust in the One who is eminently trustworthy! Good people who quietly do this are the backbone of the families, military and servants who make our human family go. I think it is a rousing and inspiring anthem.

This track was recorded back in the early 90's, with the whole band (except for Mike, who was away from this music until around 2011). The mixing for the vocals, unfortunately, never really got finished on this track; you can hear that on the chorus mixes. But, beyond that, this recording, with its energy and drive, really demonstrates what is was like to go to our shows back then. Tony, soloing on drums, takes us in and leads us out and drives the whole thing throughout. I'm so glad everybody gets a chance to hear how good he really is, and how he has really made this band flow over the years. Greg, of course, does his typical magic with the electric guitar, and Dave has one of his best bass lines ever. Denise is so strong on her vocal with Dave and I. Greg threw in that extra 12-string during the bridge in one take while standing on a table, as I recall.

And, so, in memory of those who serve, we give you..."Fight For Me"!

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!
Fight For Me!
My father, who fought at Guadalcanal & the islands during WWII