Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Save Me From Myself"!

Save Me From Myself!

Peter learned to turn in faith to the Lord! Then he turned to 'strengthen his brothers'

The 'Loell Studio' where the magic is happening!

Brand new Mike song! Inspired by Psalm 64, it turned into a hymn of gratitude. LW Greg shines!:

I have a comment to make about the thematic direction Mike took here. He started with the whole 'world situation' depicted in Psalm 64, but where did his eyes of faith find an answer to all? 'Hearts must change before the world can change.' We must discover how good the Good News is and let grace transform us. If we all really believed in the great joy of what happened in the Great Act of Salvation, there would be an awesome time of peace in THIS world, drawn from the worth we have in heaven. What a joyfully marvelous thought!

Here are some thoughts he just shared about the experience of recording:

My original intention was to try to bring Psalms 64 to life, observing the moral challenges of life as we know it today.  After the first verse, this song took off in its own direction.  When the words "save me" came along, I knew this would be a tribute to Jesus, His crucifixion and resurrection.  Everything else just flowed.  This song came so quickly that I was worried it wasn't strong.  After we recorded it, I am pleased to say it is profoundly moving and the timing is so appropriate for Easter.  The title was a struggle because "Save Me" is so similar to "Take Me".  Josh Loell produced (again) and even played the drums (he is not a drummer!) in addition to guitar tracks and his usual background vocal cameo.  Greg Loell gave it his trademark "Living Waters" guitar/lead sound.  And, Ryan Moran joined us with background vocals and those high notes that I just didn't want to try to hit!

I am pretty sure more is coming from both Mike and I, especially this summer. Stay tuned!

Peace & Love & JOY,
Mark LaJOIE!