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EARLY GROUP SONGS: “Sing to Jesus”

EARLY GROUP SONGS: “Sing to Jesus”

July 31, 2010 at 2:57 pm

"Sing to Jesus" was one of the first group songs we wrote as Living Waters in 1977. Dave Bourque had come up with that riff in the beginning and we all spent hours playing it. At some point, I added words to the riff and made it an intro and then wrote the body of the song.  {We then had the idea of making this a medley by using Mike's song "I Need Someone" as an introduction.  That was awesome!  We have now posted a 'classic live' version of this medley with a shortened ending for "Sing to Jesus".  In this version, I flubbed the words (a very common occurrence)!  I did part of the second verse for the first so I made up part of the second.  That sort of thing happened a LOT!}

My memory is telling me that a bunch of us from Oblates went up to Chuck Rossignol's house in Waterville and we were jamming on that riff there. I can't remember if we had already come up with the song or what. Chuck’s mother patiently waited on all of us and listened to us play and absorbed our excitement as kids. We all loved her so much; she looks and acts so much like my own mother and I found out that my mother used to take the train to go visit the Rossignols in Waterville back in the 30’s or so! Small world, isn’t it?

Introducing this song was a real eye-opener for us. We realized we didn’t have to be another Lighthouse or another anything. We could be – LIVING WATERS! That was liberating and exciting. We soon added “Light of the World” and “He That is in Us” and other group songs. Listen to these, and you get a sense of what it was like to go to a Living Waters concert back then. These were the times when Omer Bourque (father to Dave, Joline, Jim and Anne-Marie in the group) was our ‘manager’ booking us to show after show. We didn’t ask questions, as Kathy Bourque commented the other day, we just piled on the bus and went! Thanks to Jim Babish and Tom Doran from the prayer meeting, we began to organize lighting, stack speakers, dance, and drama into a full production.

I decided to preserve for posterity here that famous counting gimmick we used to use in concert to know when to end the song (you mIXed yourself in my weakness, SEVEN times a day I will praise you and wAIT for your coming in glory). Ha! Ha! I didn't write in any of the ad-libbing praise we used to do on this song at the end on this Noteworthy version of the song because…then it wouldn't be ad-libbing?!?

This song was great because it got people into praise and praise is powerful. I remember we played a Charismatic conference in New York and they told us, "You are one of the most 'anointed' ministries we've heard" meaning that we were authentically spiritual, that our music was integrated into who we were and what we were doing. This song was an example of the power of praying songs together and finding your own identity in the Lord.

Are there any more memories out there about how this song got written or anything about that early transformation?

Enjoy and rejoice in the memories!
Mark Lajoie
Kathy Hilliard wow I am so pleased you all stuck with it and that the Lord has anointed living water and used the ministry as he has. Wish I could have stayed but my life lead a different direction. I will never forget any of you in the old group of us. My sincere thanks, gratitude and love to you all. Kathy Hilliard
July 31, 2010 at 4:23 pm