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"We're Gonna Stay"

"We're Gonna Stay" Posted on Jul 11, 2010 at 09:19 PM (Modified: Jul 12, 2010 at 05:02 PM)July 13, 2010 at 12:43 pm
{UPDATE! August 3, 2010: the multi-track version of this has been saved and restored; Joline Bourque sings the woman's part}

www.reverbnation.com/play_now/4768267 for a multi-track version

Here is "We're Gonna Stay". I wrote it before I met Julia when I was still at 505 Pleasant Street. My roommate John Drahos and I talked a lot about getting married and how we had to let the Lord guide us. John kept up a nice plaque that gave good advice on all this. I had a couple of experiences where I 'pre-knew' who I was going to meet. I felt like the Lord was basically asking me if I was willing to endure troubles and forgive my future spouse a great deal; after all, his undeserved love for me in my sorry state was pretty stupendous. I said I was willing. I foresaw there would be hard things we would have to go through together. This song was a reaction to all of this, imagining a future time when we would be struggling with ourselves or our situation.

At some point I went up with Danny Gagnon to see les Soeurs Dominicaine Adoratrices in Beauport, Quebec. The two foundresses were amazing women; their story reads like the lives of the saints including multiplication of food, healings and coal deliveries. They were renowned for 'reading souls', so Danny and I, thinking about a vocation, went to see them. I spoke to Mere Colette and Mere Julienne in French. They agreed with me that I had the 'artistic temperament' that makes a vocation unlikely; I had finally figured that out after years of banging my head against walls. Mere Julienne said something like it seems logical that the Lord would send a spouse from within your 'faith family'. Living Waters? I remonstrated that all the girls in that group were always running away from me! (That was accurate, ladies, wasn't it?) I had zero luck. Mere Julienne just gave me a knowing smile that was saying, 'you'll see what I mean pretty soon'.

I left a note with St. Gerard Majella at Ste Anne de Beaupre nearby asking for a blondish Boston Irish girl. Pretty silly prayer, I know. You friends know what happened VERY soon after this in 1984. One blondish Boston Irish girl saw Living Waters at Providence Civic Center and the rest was history, although I was a very thick-headed clueless dunce noticing that she was around after ALL of that! Thanks to Kathy Bourque et al for helping me realize Julia was there!!

In the multi-track version, Joline sang the lead when she was very sick.  That's Chuck adding his wonderful horn.  Denise is actually singing at the repeat of the end of verse two!


Mark Lajoie What was I thinking not mentioning Chuck Rossignol and his awesome HORN in this song?? It's actually a "marching valve trombone" and its sounds like a rich, fruity French horn. You can hear it in a couple of other songs on here. Very nice!
August 11, 2010 at 12:46 pm