Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The "Living Waters" WAVE

October 24, 2010 at 10:20 am

 The “Living Waters” WAVE

The last couple of weeks have seen a string of successes for Living Waters music; pretty good for a band that isn’t consistently touring anymore!  One visitor recently commented that we seem to have a “rich history” and that is certainly true.  I am proud of the beautiful and copious music we have produced and, more importantly, the witness of the wonderful faith community we have built since we all married each other and formed families.  So many now are discovering that what we have is powerful and edifying and worth checking out.

We made a hit with Jim Logue, who put our song “Peter the Rock” on the October 3, 2010 version of his radio show, “The Catholic Music Express” http://www.bigcontact.com/cmexpress/october-3-2010 .  (That song was given to Pope John Paul II by Ambassador Ray Flynn and blessed by the Pope.)  He also linked us to his website, Grapevine Online http://www.gvonline.net/artists.html .

This week, special thanks to Neil Moody of ReverbNation and John Rigdon of Windows, we have gotten a featured spot on the Windows Media Guide Free Download page with our song “Nobody Else”. http://www.windowsmedia.com/mediaguide/us/music/freemusicdownloads  We have our picture featured under the moniker “Spiritual & Beautiful”.  This is the old picture of our ‘Guitar Brothers’ that they have out there [see below]:

I’ll bet THAT got some attention!!  (Some of my students were telling me it’s “cool” and “classic”; they’re probably just being nice!)  We’ve had hundreds of downloads in the last few days and continue to get lots of listeners coming to our site.
Coming up, we are going to be featured on the ReverbNation main page for the week of November 2 through November 9.  Do us a favor and check it out.
Are you curious what all this fuss is about?  Come to our site; play the music; watch the videos; read the blog.  I think you’ll find out.  Most of all, SIGN UP FOR THE MAILING LIST!  You will get a heads-up on new music or blog entries, or special features.  For instance, this Christmas we plan to feature our strong connection with the season and we will keep everyone posted through our emails, so get on the list.
Peace, love and JOY
Mark Lajoie