Tuesday, April 26, 2011

“Step Down”

“Step Down”

October 4, 2010 at 7:55 pm

Boy, am I glad we found this!  (Special thanks to Joe Prunera!)  This is a live version of “Step Down” from a 1987 show and I was thrilled to discover Mike was playing with us in this show.  (Look for more songs never posted before from Mike, coming soon!)  Like any live mix from back then, it wasn’t recorded in the best way possible in the first place and there are some flaws.  My lead vocal gets drowned out by the background voices towards the end and there are other uneven things, but the energy is great and Greg’s guitar is zinging it out all the way through!  This reminds me that for a while Greg and I had an electric ‘guitar brothers’ thing going that was so much fun in concert.

Greg gets a ‘writing credit’ for working that great transition midway through and bringing the music side alive.  He and I wrote this in the cellar.  In concert, I used to say that “Greg and I were fooling around in the cellar” when we wrote this.  (I also ineptly tried to describe our community living arrangement by saying “some of us are married and some of us are living together”.  After the laughter died down, I had to explain that we actually believed and practiced the Church’s teachings on marriage!!)  As I noted elsewhere, the style and the short lyrical bursts were probably influenced by U2 as in “I Will Go” and some other songs written at this time.

The theme keys off the great kenosis passage in Phillipians, where the Word of God modeled the all-powerful agape love of God by pouring himself out and ‘stepping down’ to be so limited and to die, even on a cross.  Love requires us all to ‘step down’ in order to serve each other.  To come to realize that is gloriously freeing!  When we learn how to serve like Jesus modeled in everything, we learn true happiness.  I think I probably couldn’t find a better version of this as far as capturing that wonderful thought.

Joe Prunera Wow, this sounds better than I thought it did when I mixed it. Sweeeeet!
October 4, 2010 at 9:55 pm