Tuesday, April 26, 2011

“You Were There”

“You Were There”

October 5, 2010 at 9:14 pm

We’ve been waiting to get some of Mike McBride’s great tunes on here and I’m glad to report that we finally have quite a few of them.  Here is the first one of the new batch.  This was one we did in most every show for years.  This is from the 1995 show and it sounds exactly as I always remember it.  We did it at weddings a couple of times also, as I recall, and it has that ‘bridal’ feel to it.

Mike’s piano, featuring that grab-the-gut riff he debuts in the intro which he weaves through the song among the pretty decorative flourishes, is classic McBride at the height of his powers.  Greg’s chorused picking accents perfectly.  As for the vocals, this was always one of my favorites.  The echoing and the harmonies sound like they belong in this song; they’re beautiful.  Tony can be heard spreading his splashes perfectly among the verses and driving the chorus.  Very nice!

The theme of the song is actually one that’s all over the Bible:  the ‘bridal’ love God has for his people and each of us.  The first verse sounds like it’s a thankful ode to someone in a covenant marriage.  It’s all about being grateful for a treasured relationship and committed love.  Then in the final verse, the words change slightly to evoke eternal salvation and the awesome mercy of Our Lord in his dying for us.  We’re not used to thinking that way about God, but He certainly used the simile enough all over the place.  I think that’s what makes this song so powerful; it gets right to the Heart of God.  It also explains why it worked at weddings so well!

Sit back and enjoy!