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"It's Not the Same"

"It's Not the Same" Posted on Jul 16, 2010 at 09:50 PMJuly 16, 2010 at 9:56 pm
{UPDATE: August 8, 2010: the multi-track version was found and restored; it is the 1st link below}

www.reverbnation.com/play_now/4768044 multi-track version

This was written in the mid-80's. It immediately became a standard in our concerts. We did an AWESOME multi-track recording of this in the cellar at 505 Pleasant Street. We had that on cassette tape and we played it on air when a radio station in Worcester had us on. We did some stuff live and we played a tape with this song, "There's A Woman" and "Nobody Else". They really cooked; we were constantly doing concerts and that had come out in the ease with which we laid down those tracks. Plus, recording tended to bring out hidden strengths in the songs that made the live concerts better. I feel privileged to have experienced and shared all that great music. Maybe someone can find an old cassette of these multi-track gems and we can get them on here! {UPDATE: my broken cassette with this song has been repaired and converted; it's on here now!}

Now, what is this song about? At the time it was written, I was discovering the ample and convincing testimony of the Apostolic Fathers, the writing Bishops who knew and were ordained by the Apostles themselves. They made it clear to me that so much of our Catholic faith was not medieval superstition as popular prejudice tells us, but that most all of it is profoundly Biblical. In particular, St. Ignatius of Antioch probably affected these lyrics. He wrote 7 letters in 107 AD (on his way to martyrdom in the Coliseum) that described how some in his day were pushing a 'new' kind of Christianity that used all the same language but was discreetly rejecting Eucharist, Bishop's authority, Christ's divinity and other things. It SOUNDED the same, but it was different. In the 80's, I discovered the pervasiveness of 'liberation theology' which used Christian terminology like 'social justice' and the 'fire' of the love of Christ, but if you dug deep they rejected the same tell-tale things they did in Ignatius' day; it was just Marxism dressed up. Sad to say, this is the same disguised stream of thought which inspires the current leaders a la Reverend Wright and Father Fleger. So, the warning this song provides is oh so relevant, is it not?

I remember Kevin Turenne (what a crazy nut!) used to love to chant the phrase from this "he say yes heresy no holy see" in a monotone like a robot over and over. You have to think of that when you think of this song.

In our last Reunion Show this was the song that a bunch of our kids joined in to play: I remember Matt and Dan Bourque and Chris Rossignol and Mike Drahos on drums? At any rate, I had to remark to the audience, "this song is called it's not the same and...it's NOT the SAME!" Same song, same great results, but not the same!

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