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“Roll the Rock Over” (original style version)

“Roll the Rock Over” (original style version)

November 9, 2010 at 7:47 am

“Roll the Rock Over” (original style version)

We’ve already posted a video version of this song from the 2004 show.  In that version [ http://www.youtube.com/user/LivingWatersUtube#p/u/3/FiB7RHDLFIg ], I come out as the front man as I did for so many years.  I was going to post an audio mp3 of this concert, but I got to thinking:  why not find an earlier version when Mike played with us and I played a second electric guitar?  I thought it would be cool to catch the song in its original, earlier form.

Well, here is one of those versions.  Unfortunately, it gets cut off at the end, the sound is not so good and the mixing is uneven.  You can hear hardly any of Mike’s piano; it’s far in the background, which is an awful shame, because he really captured a wonderful bluesy feel.  (That’s the problem with these older tapes; they weren’t really made for posterity in mind.  Maybe someone can find other versions of these songs that highlight missing parts like this.)

There is plenty that is good about this, though.  I don’t know how Dave’s bass came out so loud.  It’s been a constant joke in the group that the bass always gets short shrift.  (In the very early days, it seemed like Chuck was ALWAYS telling Dave to turn down the bass during rehearsal.  One time, Dave had his bass completely off and Chuck STILL told him to turn it down!!)  Anyway, Dave’s catchy riff is right there in front.  The energy is palpable on this and we are approaching what Tony used to call “concert speed” (like “ramming speed” on those galleys in “Ben-Hur”)!  Greg’s early guitar prowess and promise is on full display.  You can actually hear my guitar in the background, although that’s where it probably belonged!  I had plenty of 50’s type reverb on it; there was a pick slide in the beginning and some bending into unison action going on.  Tony really shines on jazz-y type stuff and this is no exception.  I love Mike’s bass one-note singing on “Roll the rock over” on the chorus.  One thing I meant to mention on the other version is how strong Denise’s voice is on this and so many other things we did.

I wish you could see the video of this.  Unfortunately, the quality is not so good and it is unedited in one big chunk.  But the energy is unbelievable throughout this 1987 concert.  We had choreographed so much and everyone was moving and smiling and excitement was in the air.  It was if we had performed as a solid group just about every week for 10 years; of course, that was exactly true at the time!

The great thing about this whole process is how filled-in our picture of our past can become.  Memories naturally fade as time goes by.  But this slice of a vibrant spirit-filled past for the Living Waters ministry is a shining gift of God to our faith family.  If it helps us to be filled with thanksgiving and anticipates the glorious future and eternity the merciful Lord has for us, than it is a wonderful thing indeed.  As I cry out near the end of this song, REJOICE!  HE ROSE AGAIN!